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Case Studies

Neurology Service – Advice & Guidance.

The Neurology Department at Sydney Children’s Hospital was grappling with increasing outpatient wait times to their specialist clinics, making it difficult for patients to receive timely specialist care for paediatric neurological conditions. To address these issues, the department implemented Consultmed’s ‘Advice and Guidance’ or Consultlink feature, which provides a portal for GPs and other primary care providers (PCPs) to communicate and review management plans directly with neurology specialists.

Within weeks of adopting the A&G platform to provide non-urgent expert advice to primary care, the neurology department demonstrated significant improvements in four key areas:

1) Approx. 20% reduction in unnecessary outpatient presentations which were managed with remote A&G

2) Enhanced communication and collaboration between GPs, general paediatricians and neurologists

3) Improved quality of referrals to the neurology department that met specialist referral access criteria

4) Increased patient satisfaction with timely communication between treating teams

By providing a secure platform that uses asynchronous messaging technology and allows sharing of clinical images, Consultlink has transformed the way that specialist care can be delivered to the community. Consultmed’s Advice & Guidance portal is now being rolled out across major speciality departments at Sydney Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in NSW.

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