Our Technology

We are committed to connecting patients and healthcare providers across the entire care pathway

  • Create smart and customised referral and consent forms

  • Provide secure Advice & GuidanceTM to healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients

  • Select your specialist HCP in our integrated directory and invite others to join

  • Share clinical documents, images and DICOM files between HCPs and patients

  • Track referrals and correspondence in real-time with app, SMS and email notifications

  • Triage referrals based on urgency, clinical criteria and automated workflows

  • Report, track and manage adverse workplace and clinical incidents using RiskmedTM

  • Accept, return, waitlist and schedule appointments with patient engagement tools

  • Dashboard reporting – visualise, track and export business data, activity and KPIs

  • Capture business intelligence with advanced data analytic support

Our suite of healthcare solutions offers seamless communication between care providers and automates workflows within a secure cloud-based environment.

A digital front door solution for healthcare

Integrated referral management

Customisable e-referral forms, Smart-on-FHIR integration with practice management software and a secure web-portal for healthcare providers and patients.


Virtual Triage 

Prioritise referrals based on urgency and access criteria. Customise tiers and automate workflows for clinical and admin users.

Secure sharing of clinical images

Healthcare providers and patients can securely share, upload, transmit, and view medical imaging including DICOM file types

Digital informed consent and patient questionnaires

Build customised consent and patient questionnaires and track engagement with in-app, email and SMS notifications.

Advice & Guidance or ‘e-Consult’

Asynchronous messaging technology enables healthcare providers to communicate securely in real-time, providing remote access to specialist opinion.

Clinical incident reporting

Functionality to capture, track, and triage incidents or near misses in clinical settings. Generate reports for analysis and monitoring of adverse events.


Best practice data governance and privacy standards

Our Admin Centre is designed for enterprise customers, providing robust identity access management through multi-factor authentication and Azure Active Directory services.  We adopt best practice access controls and information security measures to protect personal data within your local, MS Azure cloud environment.

Account holders can implement custom policies, role-based permissions and leverage built-in reporting tools to monitor user activity, security and compliance.


A comprehensive suite of healthcare solutions

ConsultmedTM – Referral management & automated workflows

An enterprise-grade referral solution that streamlines communication and information exchange between healthcare providers. Automated workflows that combine easily customisable referral and consent forms with built-in tracking, reporting and patient engagement tools.


A comprehensive suite of healthcare solutions

ConsultlinkTM – Advice & Guidance

Our innovative e-consult solution that enables patients and healthcare providers to access specialist opinion remotely, reducing elective waiting times. Virtual triage combined with asynchronous messaging and secure sharing of clinical images, allows specialists to provide real-time ‘Advice and Guidance’, preventing unnecessary hospital presentations and in-person consultations.


A comprehensive suite of healthcare solutions

RiskmedTM   – Clinical incident reporting

A powerful risk management solution designed specifically for healthcare organisations to effectively manage and mitigate risks that may impact patient safety, quality of care, and overall operational efficiency. The intuitive user interface allow users and affected individuals to quickly identify and assess risks, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start using Consultmed?

Getting started with Consultmed is quick and easy. Simply click on the ‘Sign in’ button, found in the top right corner of your screen and select ‘Create Account’. Follow the step-by-step prompts to complete your account set up. Note that the email address provided is your username and where you will receive future correspondence.

If you would like to learn more and organise a demo at your healthcare organisation, please contact us here.

Which healthcare providers can use Consultmed?

Consultmed is designed to improve clinical and administrative workflows and facilitate seamless communication between all types of health and care providers (e.g. doctors, dentists, nurses, allied health and aged care workers, psychologists, social workers, teachers).

When you sign up for an account, select your health or care profession and enter your details to get started. We request you add your professional membership details (e.g. AHPRA) to help us verify your credentials.

Can healthcare providers connect multiple places of work in Consultmed?

Healthcare providers can connect multiple places of work to a Consultmed account and seamlessly access all referrals and clinical correspondence in one place.

You can list primary and secondary workplaces when they first sign up for an account or add them later under account settings. Our staff can also provide assistance with setting up accounts and multiple places of work.

Does Consultmed support tracking of user activity and clinical workflows?

All user activity and workflow actions are logged in Consultmed with user, date and time stamps. This means that account holders can easily track actions and users (e.g. clinic administrators, referring healthcare providers, patients) can be notified with in-app, SMS and email notifications. Notification preferences can be adjusted in your account settings.

Consultmed’s dashboard offers advanced analytics tools to visualise and export business data and KPIs. Contact our solutions specialists to learn how our dashboard reporting can help track organizational performance.

Does Consultmed integrate with my practice management software or electronic health record (EHR) systems?

Consultmed is committed to interoperability and has adopted internationally recognised FHIR HL7 standards to ensure secure and efficient data exchange between clinical systems. Our platform is integrated with EHRs (e.g. Cerner, Infomedix) and practice management software (e.g. Best Practice, Medical Director) through our next-generation, Smart-on-FHIR technology.

Our API gateway offers a secure and scalable way to integrate with other healthcare systems and a streamlined approach for developers to access Consultmed’s functionality, while maintaining data privacy and security through authentication and encryption.

Our solution architects will work closely with your organisation to determine necessary requirements and provide technical support and guidance throughout the integration process, to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Does Consultmed have a patient portal? How does the platform engage patients?

Consultmed has a patient portal that enables patients to securely send clinical documents (e.g. referrals, consent forms, questionnaires) and to communicate with their healthcare providers.

The platform also engages patients through email and SMS notifications to keep them informed about their referral status and upcoming appointments and to receive clinical documents (e.g. referrals, reports).

Our patient engagement tools are designed to empower patients to access their own healthcare records and to improve their experience through the entire care pathway.

What type of clinical workflows and documents does Consultmed support?

Consultmed supports a range of clinical workflows and documents, including outpatient referrals, inpatient consults, consent forms (e.g. informed financial, research, elective procedures) , patient questionnaires (e.g. PROMs and PREMs), and clinical incident reports. Our platform is designed to streamline and simplify these workflows, enabling healthcare providers to efficiently manage their clinical documentation.

In addition to the ‘out-of-the-box’ forms we offer, we work with customers to customise forms to meet their specific needs (e.g. specialty, condition-specific, referral access criteria). Our solution architects will work closely with your organisation to create tailored forms and triage processes that optimise workflows and data capture.