Meet our team

Dr Vikram Palit

Paediatric Doctor & Snr Lecturer, Health Management

Richard Kwan

Chief Technology Officer
CEO of Kiratech Pty Ltd

Stephanie Hodgson

Head of Product
Healthcare Manager Clinical Physiotherapist

Mario Polverino

Operations Manager
Software Engineer

Dr Abidev Kuhasri

Medical doctor

Tiffany Allen

Implementation Consultant
Research analyst

Vlad Vasilenko

Project Manager
Software Engineer

Iskandar Kunishev

Lead UI/UX Designer

Usayd Marikar

Cybersecurity Specialist

Tommy Ang

Software Engineer

Sal Cavallaro

Creative Consultant

Our health advisory board

Garry Visontay

General Partner, Right Click Capital Mentor at Founder Institute

Jeeva Suresh

CEO of Helix Collective Mentor at Antler

Dr Ashley Kras

Ophthalmologist Medical Informatics Specialist

Dr Paul Benitez-Aguirre

Paediatric Endocrinologist Chief Clinical Information Officer

Rama Kumble

Health IT Consultant
CTO at MedTech Global

James Caldicott

Solicitor Caldicott Lawyers

Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh

CEO of Canceraid
Radiation Oncologist

Trusted partners