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Case Studies

Kids Health Space.

KidsHealthSpace is a large network of specialty paediatric clinics, providing comprehensive medical care to children across multiple locations in NSW. With a growing patient volume and servicing a large catchment area, the clinic was faced with the challenge of managing their referrals manually, with hundreds of faxes received weekly from local GPs. To ensure the smooth and efficient management of patient referrals and their associated consent forms, KidsHealthSpace realised the need for a cloud-based referral management software and after careful consideration, chose Consultmed.

The implementation of Consultmed at KidsHealthSpace resulted in a significant improvement in with triaging and processing referrals and demonstrated an immediate reduction in referral-to-treatment times for patients. The automation capabilities of the software eliminated the need for manual data entry, reducing the potential for human error. Consultmed’s reporting mechanisms provided KidsHealthSpace with detailed insights into referral trends, growth areas and improved the overall operational efficiency of the service.

Patients continue to benefit from the streamlined referral process, with the ability to ‘self-refer’ to the variety of medical and allied health providers available at KidsHealthSpace. The software’s data insights and reporting mechanisms have enabled KidsHealthSpace to make data-driven decisions regarding service provision, better triage of priority populations and helped to identify new opportunities for further growth in paediatric services in the region.

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