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Streamlining Thyroid Cancer MDT care.

A/Professor Paul Benitez-Aguirre, a leading paediatric endocrinologist at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, spearheads the Australian Paediatric Thyroid Cancer Group. This national collaboration aims to advance care for children with thyroid cancer across the country. Recently, he introduced the Paediatric Thyroid Cancer e-referral form on Consultmed, streamlining the referral process for healthcare providers all over Australia to ensure best practice, multi-disciplinary team (MDT) management.

Once an MDT e-referral is made within Consultmed, specialists such as paediatric endocrinologists, oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons can access patient data, review diagnostic details, share clinical images, and collaborate in real-time. The platform ensures secure storage of healthcare information on Microsoft’s cloud services, while advanced identity access controls guarantee that only authorised healthcare providers can access patient data.

‘We use Consultmed to effectively communicate between team members and share medical reports. Even though specialists are collaborating from all around the country, we can use the live reporting function to document a shared care plan and do this remotely. It prevents unnecessary delays in treatment and repeat investigations’ said A/Professor Benitez-Aguirre.

The platform also serves as a valuable resource for knowledge-sharing, empowering medical professionals to learn from their peers, discuss complex patient cases and implement the latest evidence-based practices in paediatric cancer care.

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