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We partner with healthcare organisations to shape a future that is connected, digital and data-driven

Health and care organisations we work with

Specialist medical, dental and allied health clinics

The Consultmed™ referral platform streamlines communication and information exchange between primary care and specialist medical, dental and allied health clinics. We adopt next generation FHIR interoperability standards and are integrated with leading practice management software and electronic health records.

Health and care organisations we work with

Public and private hospitals

Our suite of healthcare solutions, including Consultmed™, Consultlink and Riskmed offers hospitals and healthcare networks enterprise-grade software to manage clinical workflows efficiently and reduce administrative burden. Referrals, consent, incident-reporting and Advice & Guidance™ can be captured within a secure management system that seamlessly connects healthcare providers and patients.

Health and care organisations we work with

Aged care, rehabilitation, and palliative care services

Create shared care and personal therapy plans using our reporting function that supports multi-disciplinary team assessments. Patient engagement tools provide transparency and easy access to care plans, improving collaboration between patients, caregivers and treating teams.

Health and care organisations we work with

Research and clinical trial organisations

We support research and clinical trial organisations by streamlining critical processes like consent management, registration and progress tracking. The platform allows participants to digitally sign informed consent, and investigators to securely store data.

Participant engagement tools can be used to identify and recruit suitable candidates and share research information, questionnaires and e-consent, with embedded videos and animation.

Health and care organisations we work with

Pathology, diagnostic and imaging providers

Consultmed™’s customisable digital forms allow pathology and imaging requested to be ordered electronically within an integrated directory of services. Diagnostic reports and imaging studies including DICOM file types, can be securely uploaded, shared and viewed between referring specialists, imaging providers and patients.

Health and care organisations we work with

Not-for-profit, patient advocacy and community health organisations

Our ‘Digital Front Door’ solution offers health and care organisations a central access point for patient resources, education materials and community-based support services. Patients and caregivers can access the platform to view their referral status, access specialist medical advice, and communicate with their healthcare providers.

Health and care organisations we work with

Occupational health and medicolegal assessments

Consultmed™’s customisable e-referral, consent and reporting tools connect clients with appropriate specialist providers to complete workplace, insurance, and medicolegal assessments. Real-time data capture and dynamic documentation improves collaboration between stakeholders and facilitates informed decision-making.

Health and care organisations we work with

Transport and retrieval services

The real-time capture of patient data, clinical information, and transfer requests streamlines the process of providing specialist advice back to referrers and streamlines communication between multiple stakeholders. Our platform supports multi-user access, tracking, and dynamic data input, optimising care coordination and connecting all relevant parties.

Health and care organisations we work with

Telehealth and virtual care services

Consultlink, our innovative Advice & Guidance platform, uses asynchronous messaging technology to provide remote specialist consultations. Specialist healthcare providers use Consutlink to review patient information, clinical images and diagnostic reports to effectively triage, provide expert advice, formal assessments, and enrol patients into appropriate care pathways.

““The transition to a digital referral system has increased efficiency for our clinicians and administrative staff… Consultmed’s technology facilitates more effective clinical handover and ensures that patient information is securely transferred between healthcare providers, ultimately improving outcomes for the children we care for” ”
Dr Mary McCaskill
Executive Director of Medical Services and Clinical Governance at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

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