Advice & Guidance AI

Our AI-powered assistant that enhances triage, referral and care pathways

Clinical Decision Support

Leveraging Microsoft’s enterprise OpenAI technology, our AI-assistant automates triage and provides relevant and up-to-date clinical guidelines based on the presentation and reason for referral.

Ensuring security and precision

    • We adhere to national privacy laws and best practice data governance principles
  • Personal health information is stored locally, encrypted and secured within your Microsoft Azure cloud region
  • Data is not used to train AI-models or shared with other clients or third-party services
  • You retain ownership of your data

Customisable database

Our AI-assistant queries a vetted database of clinical guidelines and protocols, which users can customise to ensure that recommendations are relevant, approved and up-to-date.

Enhance your triage, referral and care pathways with the power of Advice & Guidance AI

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