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Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network switches to digital referrals using Consultmed.

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network is making the switch to digital referrals using Consultmed for outpatient referrals starting February 1, 2023. The adoption of Consultmed means that the Network can embrace alternative models of care, such as remote Advice and Guidance (A&G). With the Consultmed A&G feature, primary healthcare providers can access specialist opinions remotely, enabling patients to be better looked after closer to home.

Dr Mary McCaskill, Director of Medical Services and Clinical Governance for the Network, stated that staff strongly supported Consultmed, citing increased efficiency and less time spent chasing bits of paper around, leaving more time to spend with the patient. Consultmed has revolutionized the way that referrals are handled, as they arrive clearly identified and electronically, are seen swiftly, can be organized in a shorter time frame, and everyone can keep track of where the referral is up to.

Dr Matthew Lam, a Western Sydney GP, highlighted the tracking referrals and A&G capabilities as particularly welcome features. He stated, “With Consultmed, I am assured that the specialist on the other side has actually received the referral. This also reduces medical errors and risk to patient safety, with no more lost or misplaced referrals.” Dr Lam added that he can ask for specialist advice and guidance through the portal, which helps him better manage his patients locally and possibly save them a trip to the hospital.

The future of digital referrals at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network looks bright. According to Dr McCaskill, the adoption of Consultmed means the potential for the Network to become even more efficient and embrace alternative models of care, allowing patients to be better looked after closer to home. The transition to digital referrals using Consultmed is expected to eliminate the frustration and inefficiencies associated with paper-based referrals, leading to more efficient and effective patient care.

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