Consultmed and SanroDASH

Quick Install Guide


  • Consultmed has partnered with Sanro Health to make it easier for GPs and non-GP specialists to send and receive referrals from their practice management software.
  • SanroDASH is an integration app created by Sanro Health that allows your practice management system (Best Practice or MedicalDirector) to securely communicate with Consultmed

  • The app is free to download for all Consultmed users and once installed will open automatically whenever Best Practice or MedicalDirector is started

Installation procedure

  1. Log into your Consultmed account and click the ‘Settings’ icon in the top right corner of the dashboard
  2. Click ‘Integrations’ from the list of options in the column under ‘User Settings’
  3. Read the information on this page and then click ‘Download’
  4. Once downloaded, locate the file ‘SetupConsultmed.exe’ in your downloads folder and double click to run the installation program
  5. When asked to ‘Select install mode’, you may choose whether to ‘Install for all
    users’ or ‘Install for me only’
  6. On the next window, click ‘Install’ to commence the installation -Note you may receive a Security Warning pop up asking if you want to run this
    application. Click ‘Run’ to continue
  7. The download should begin and take less than a minute to complete
  8. You may receive another warning by Windows. Click (a) ‘More info’ then ‘Run
  9. The integration app should commence installation on your computer
  10. You will get a window notifying you when the installation is complete. Click ‘Finish’
    to exit
  11. The application should now be running in the background of your computer. To
    confirm, look for the Consultmed icon in your taskbar (usually next to the clock)

Using SanroDASH

  1. Confirm that SanroDASH application is running by checking for the Consultmed
    icon in your taskbar. If it is NOT present and you have completed installation, launch Consultmed bygoing to Start > All Programs > Consultmed. Alternatively, you can click theConsultmed icon on your desktop
  2. Login to your Practice Management System (BP or MD). You should notice a
    Consultmed icon on the screen (usually the top right). If not present, follow
    Step 1 above in how to launch Consultmed.
  3. Open the file of the patient whom you need to send a referral for. There should be a
    Consultmed icon visible in the demographic bar of the patient. Click this to launch Consultmed.
  4. Login to your Consultmed account. For convenience and security, this only needs to be
    done once every 24 hours.
  5. Confirm your name and click Accept to allow the link between your Practice
    Management System and Consultmed to proceed.
  6. Click the dropdown under “Select Patient” and then click “New Patient”
  7. Click “Import Patient Data” to allow autofill of your Consultmed form

Frequently asked questions

  1. I have installed SanroDASH but when I open Best Practice/Medical Director, no
    Consultmed icon is visible?
    It is possible that the SanroDASH program has been closed on your computer. To have it running again, just go to Start > All Programs > Consultmed. Alternatively, you can click the Consultmed icon on your desktop
  2. Does the integration software store any patient data?
    The integration software does not store any patient data. The integration software only forms a secure connection between your practice management software and Consultmed.
  3. Does the integration software need other 3rd party software to be pre-installed
    on the machine?
    The integration software does not need any other 3rd party software to be preinstalled to run it.
  4. Does the integration software installation need any downtime during installation process?
    There is no need for downtime during the installation process. Software installation
    does not interfere with any running process or require a restart of the system.
  5. How does the software remain updated?
    The integration software will automatically update itself
  6.  Is the installation software digitally signed for trust and security?
    The integration software is digitally signed and hence prevents tampering of the
    software on the machine.
  7. Does the integration software need any specific setup on the practice
    management software such as Best Practice or Medical Director?
    The integration software does not need any specific setup on your practice
    management software. It runs as a windows background process and accesses
    the practice management database. To connect with Consultmed it initiates a
    SMART-on-FHIR secure connection to exchanges patient data securely.
  8. Where can I access Consultmed’s privacy policy and Terms & Conditions?
    Consultmed adheres to best practice terms and conditions, ensuring the
    protection of personal health information and appropriate use of the platform.
    Please refer to Consultmed’s terms of service and privacy policy, also available at:

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