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Medinfo23 comes to Sydney!.

The Medinfo23 conference, a premier event for digital health innovators globally, recently saw Consultmed’s active participation, a testament to our position at the forefront of digital health transformation in Australia.

Our Founder and CEO, A/Prof Vikram Palit, and Chief of Staff, Stephanie Hodgson, delivered a presentation titled “Enhancing Patient Safety and Healthcare Experience with a Digital Referral Platform.” They highlighted the successful deployment of Consultmed’s e-referral platform at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN), demonstrating the transition from traditional paper referrals to a fully digitalised e-referrals solution.

The implementation has been more than just creating and launching a new digital referral platform. It requires continuous communication and collaboration among various stakeholders, as it involves understanding each clinic’s unique workflow and criteria to provide specialist advice effectively.

As part of our ongoing commitment to transform patient care, the primary objective of this digital transformation is to minimise outpatient wait times and streamline patient referrals to suitable care pathways. This endeavour puts our patients at the forefront and optimises resource utilisation, reinforcing our dedication to improving healthcare delivery.

Learn more about the use of Consultmed at SCHN here:

In the journey ahead, Consultmed and SCHN will persist in our collaborative efforts to refine and enhance the digital healthcare experience. New projects on the horizon include connecting special care nurseries and neonatal intensive care units, implementing digital consent, and a vaccine appointment booking system for patients and staff. We remain committed to our vision of spearheading digital health transformation and setting new standards for healthcare both locally and internationally.

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