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Health IT Vendors Join Forces for Best-of-Breed Solution.

Consultmed is at the forefront of a collaboration with three other innovative healthcare software vendors to develop a best-of-breed solution for Wandi Nerida, a specialist residential eating disorder recovery centre operated by the Butterfly Foundation. This initiative aims to enhance healthcare delivery with advanced technological integration at the 13-bed hospital located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, which offers a mix of private and public beds.

The comprehensive solution includes a digital medical record (DMR), a patient administration system, eReferrals system, and a digital front door, utilising the strengths of each vendor to provide a cost-effective alternative to more expensive systems.

Our versatile eReferral system, a key component in enhancing Wandi Nerida’s operational efficiency, integrates seamlessly with practice management software through Smart on FHIR technology and features a secure web portal for both healthcare providers and patients. This integration enables Wandi Nerida to effectively prioritise referrals based on urgency and access criteria. Additionally, our system supports the customisation and automation of workflows, streamlining both clinical and administrative processes. This makes it an invaluable tool in the centre’s technology suite, improving overall care delivery and operational efficacy.

Vitro Software offers a customisable Digital Medical Record (DMR) tailored to hospital-specific needs, featuring discharge summary templates and integration with My Health Record for enhanced data sharing among health professionals. Personify Care enhances patient experiences by providing a digital platform that simplifies the mapping of patient journeys and integrates various workflows into a seamless process, complete with a mobile or online checklist for admission and discharge essentials. Meanwhile, Altura Health, previously known as ACSS Health, is implementing its cloud-based Patient Administration System, PAS FYDO, to streamline business processes, automate workflows, and minimise paperwork.

Brian Mayahle, CEO of Wandi Nerida, affirmed that the selection of these four vendors is based on their proven track record of innovation, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in meeting the hospital’s healthcare administration and clinical needs.

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