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Microsoft ANZ releases white paper on Generative AI in healthcare.

In the rapidly evolving realm of healthcare, generative artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionise operations by serving as a trusted co-pilot to clinicians. 

Imagine having a reliable co-pilot which can help to automate routine manual tasks and synthesise complex data. By performing as a seamless extension of healthcare professionals, generative AI liberates clinicians from administrative burdens, and allows them to redirect their focus to where it matters most—on the patient. 

Microsoft ANZ recently released an eBook featuring Generative AI in healthcare. In the paper, experts at Microsoft and across industries emphasise data privacy and appropriate use of generative AI technology through local, secure infrastructure, data storage and encryption.  A/Prof Annette Schmiede, CEO of the Australian Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre, believes that generative AI will soon be an integral component of healthcare. “ We are at a tipping point where AI will start to become ever more integrated into the digital health ecosystem”, she said. 

Listed are notable examples in Australia and around the world that demonstrate the application of genAI tools to enhance workflow efficiency with rapid data generation while offering a personalised user experience for tailored patient-care delivery.

Featured in this paper is Consultpilot AI by Consultmed, at the forefront of this transformative wave. With the ability to synthesise clinical documents and unstructured text into digital records within 30 seconds, Consultpilot AI marks a significant advancement in healthcare operations. 

Forget about the days of messy scribbles in clinical notes, endless piles of medical files, and the hassle of faxing reports back and forth.

You can access Microsoft ANZ E-book for GenAI for healthcare here 

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