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From doctor to founder: Vikram Palit’s journey to starting Consultmed.

In January 2020, over 80% of GP appointments in the UK took place face-to-face. By June 2020, this number halved as the COVID19 pandemic spurred the digital transformation of healthcare.

The technology behind this breakneck shift was not invented overnight, however. For years prior to the black swan event, practitioners and innovators from around the world had been testing and developing frameworks and technology to make this possible.

One such innovator is practising paediatrician and Founder of Consultmed, Dr. Vikram Palit.

Working alongside the NHS as an innovation lead, Vikram saw a future where medical practitioners moved away from paper-based processes, building efficient alternative pathways for accessing healthcare and removing antiquated practices that had long been extinct in other industries. Upon returning to Australia in 2019, the reality he experienced was completely different.

Fast forward to today and his company, Consultmed, is well underway to axing the fax and bringing hospital processes into the 21st century.

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