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Bear Cottage – palliative care services for children and young people.

Consultmed’s tailored referral platform has been successfully implemented at Bear Cottage, a palliative care hospice for children and young people.

Bear Cottage is a palliative care hospice located in New South Wales, Australia, that provides specialist care and support to children and young people with life-limiting illnesses. The hospice offers a wide range of services to patients and their families, including respite care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support. Bear Cottage is committed to providing high-quality, patient-centered care to ensure the best possible outcomes for its patients. Bear Cottage faced the challenge of providing efficient and effective care to children and young people with life-limiting illnesses. The existing referral process was cumbersome, resulting in long wait times for patients and their families.

Consultmed’s team of experts worked closely with Bear Cottage to develop an intuitive referral platform that captures admission pathways and referral reasons, enabling the hospice to provide high-quality, patient-centered care.

The implementation of Consultmed’s intuitive referral platform has streamlined the referral process, resulting in a reduction in wait times and an increase in the quality of care provided to patients. Our platform has also helped with data capture, providing valuable insights that aid in the ongoing improvement of care for these vulnerable patients.

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