Consultmed Admin Portal


Understanding the dynamic nature of healthcare staffing, the Consultmed Admin Portal was developed to be your one-stop-shop for all things admin-related in Consultmed. You will have the ability to invite new staff to your service, review staff requests to join your service, remove previous staff members, update staff permissions, and edit your service’s phone number and email for referrers – just to name a few features!

If you are the Account Holder or a Super User for your place of work you will automatically get access to Admin Portal. You can also nominate other Super Users, see below.

To access Admin Portal, simply navigate to your Settings , and you will see the new Admin Portal tab appearing under Email Notifications. Admin Portal has a slightly different look and feel so you will know once you’re in, however it retains all the similar user-friendly functionality of the Consultmed platform.

Important Features

Super Users

You have the option to assign 2 staff members from your team as Super Users with access to Admin Portal. These staff members may be other specialists, Practice Managers or key administrators within your team. As Super Users they will have all the same access as you, with all the functionality listed above

New Email Notifications

You may notice new emails coming through regarding new Consultmed users wanting to join your service. Please either accept or decline these requests based on your knowledge of the staff member. Super Users can assist in this process as they will also receive these requests. Assign Super Users by navigating to Admin Portal, selecting the three grey dots beside another staff member already connected to your service, and, under Account Permissions, toggling on ‘Super User Access’. Don’t forget to ‘Save’ to apply the changes

 We hope Admin Portal continues to improve your experience of Consultmed as you now have the ability to manage your service and staff within Consultmed.